RAM's 5 Star Kettle Korn

About Our Company

    RAMs 5 Star Kettle Korn in Saint Louis Missouri began its operation in Forest Park to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the 1904 Worlds Fair in April of 2004. RAM's 5 Star Kettle Korn is sold locally in Saint Louis, Missouri. The company is owned by Ronald and Aileen Moore.

    The Kettle Korn is quite unique in getting just the right blend to get the very best tasting Kettle Korn. Each batch of our Kettle Korn is popped with the same ingredients and timing to make sure it is just perfect. Our fresh jumbo popcorn which comes from a company in Northwest Missouri who also supplies manufacturers of Microwave popcorn and other raw corn vendors. They also supply corn to a celebrity that has thier own brand of popcorn. The popcorn always produces jumbo butterfly popcorn that are larger than what you can find at the movie theaters or any retail store.

   Our Kettle Korn is popped in a NSF certified Kettle Korn Machine. RAM's 5 Star Kettle Korn uses all natural ingredients. The oil we use to pop our Kettle Korn is all natural corn oil which has no cholesterol or saturated fats. The corn, granulated sugar, and salt are also all natural ingredients. We use no perservatives in our Kettle Korn to prolong its shelf life. This is the reason our Kettle Korn is the very best in the West. The Kettle Korn has just the right blend to make it just a little sweet and salty.


    See our Calendar which will tell you where to find us on any given weekend if you find the need to have some of our delicious Kettle Korn.

Customer Sale     RAMS 5 Star Kettle Korn always encourages free samples. We want to share the best Kettle Korn with anyone who asks. We guarantee that after you taste our Kettle Korn, you will want to buy a bag (or two or three). A little known fact is that if you need to stock up, you can place our bags of Kettle Korn in the freezer to keep it fresh. When you decide to eat some, bring it out of the freezer and eat it cold or allow it to return to room temperature. NEVER heat the kettle korn or you will end up with a hard ball.